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Invest with us

Almi Invest manages about SEK 3 billion and has invested in almost 600 startups since its inception. Our best holdings have been acquired by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Qlik and Apple, or they have floated billion level IPOs.


Over the years Almi Invest has co-invested with about 900 business angels and institutional investors. Our GreenTech fund of SEK 650 million focuses on climate-smart investments that reduce CO2.


Read more about our investment procedure, investment criteria and amounts we invest here.


Investor network

Are you looking for attractive investment opportunities in unlisted companies? Do you want to get involved, together with us, in one or more companies that face an exciting development phase? We prefer to meet companies together with potential investment partners.


We are looking for someone who:

  • actively invests in and promotes growth companies

  • understands and enjoys actively working with investments in early stage companies

  • is able to participate in follow-up investments in future financing rounds

  • can provide relevant industry knowledge

If you are interested in investing in our portfolio companies, please see our entire portfolio here, as well as the contact details to the investment manager.