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22 February 2021

98 percent would recommend Almi Invest

Startups recommend Almi Invest

In a new survey of Almi Invest's portfolio companies, 98 percent of respondents said they would recommend Almi Invest to other companies in search of investors. Furthermore, 95 percent stated that they have a high level of confidence in Almi Invest. Seventy percent of respondents said they had more confidence in Almi Invest than in other private investors and venture capital funds.

Among the reasons cited for choosing Almi Invest, the top three were its longterm approach, capital strength and the qualities possessed by the Investment Managers.


These were among the conclusions from a survey conducted by Origo Group aimed at evaluating the Almi Invest as an investor.

The survey focused on a set of key questions:

  • How has the investment affected the company? 
  • Which where the factors underlying the decision to select Almi Invest as an investor?
  • What determines the perception of Almi Invest?
  • How does Almi Invest compare to other investors?  

Investments make a difference 

A majority, 75 percent of the surveyed portfolio companies, responded that Almi Invest plays a significant role in supporting a venture capital market extending across all regions in Sweden. 72 percent stated that they were able to bring their service/product to the customer/market faster than would have been possible without Almi Invest's investment. 77 percent said that the investment had made it easier to attract further venture capital investments and 77 percent stated that Almi Invest's investment had been crucial for their company.  


- Additional capital provided by the Swedish government in this time of crisis has given us the mandate to take on an even bigger role, said Almi Invest Chief Executive Officer Joachim Karlsson.


- Companies are reporting that the pandemic has negatively impacted sales in particular as well as their ability to raise capital. Our role entails being an active, trustworthy investor that takes responsibility regardless of market cycles and crises, he added. This new survey shows that our role is crucial for young companies when we make investments and step in as an active stakeholder.

Primary reasons for selecting Almi Invest as an investor and stakeholder/owner 

As many as 92 percent of the surveyed portfolio companies consider Almi Invest to be a longterm and stable partner; 88 percent credited Almi Invest for its professionalism; 86 percent noted that having Almi Invest as an investor benefits the credibility of their company. While Almi Invest overall was given top marks by 95 percent of the surveyed portfolio companies, the results highlighted areas in need of Almi Invest's attention, such as developing business contacts and networks.

An appreciation for the Investment Managers contribution to the board 

90 percent of survey respondents said that the Head of Investments has the knowledge required to understand companies that are in an early phase of development; 90 percent feel that the Head of Investments makes a positive contribution to the work of the board and an equal percentage stated that Almi Invest adds significant value.


Additional strengths highlighted in the survey include Almi Invest's high level of financial competency as well as its general business acumen. There is still work to be done in strengthening sector knowledge.

Almi Invest in comparison to other investors

The survey results show that 70 percent of respondents feel greater confidence in Almi Invest than in other private investors and venture capital funds; 28 percent felt an equal level of confidence. The remaining 2 percent stated that their confidence in private investors was higher than their confidence in Almi Invest.

The survey

Origo Group conducted the study on behalf of Almi Invest. Two sets of questions were sent out at the same time to portfolio companies that received new or additional Almi Invest investments in 2018 and/or 2019. Interviews were also granted by 66 respondent companies. 

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