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7 November 2023

Almi Invest invests 2,5 MSEK in TrackPaw

Almi Invest invests SEK 2.5 million in TrackPaw Scientific AB. The new investment enables TrackPaw Scientific to further accelerate its development pace. Over the next seven months, a prototype will be tested with leading global pharmaceutical companies and a global contract research organization. Thereafter, the development work continues with the goal of conducting larger payment launch tests next year.

- The company's product idea is the first of its kind when it comes to preclinical observations. The business idea comes from my own experienced frustration as a preclinical researcher, where I saw how research experiments faltered due to the lack of a continuous monitoring system, often leading to dead ends and time-consuming restarts, says Liza Tchapanova, preclinical researcher, founder and CEO of TrackPaw Scientific AB.


- There has long been a need and demand for improved monitoring of preclinical research. TrackPaw offers a unique solution and this in combination with early contacts with major players in the field provides good conditions for an effective market establishment and high growth, says Helen Pettersson, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.


The company develops methods for digitizing preclinical drug development by combining machine learning and sensor technology and thereby continuously monitoring ongoing research projects.As a result, the company contributes to improved interpretation of study results and more efficient use of personnel resources in the preclinical laboratory environment. The investment is made in the form of a new issue where the total investment amount is SEK 5.1 million. The investment is made together with LU Holding AB, Spotlight-listed investment company I Love Lund AB, as well as several angel investors including board members.


For more information, contact CEO Liza Tchapanova, tel. 076-249 44 50 or liza@trackpaw.se