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15 August 2023

Almi Invest invests in TeraSi

Almi Invest invests in TeraSi

Almi Invest invests 4 million SEK in the deeptech company TeraSi. The investment is made in the form of a new issue totaling 13 million SEK. The investment is made together with reputable investors such as Navigare Ventures, OnSight Ventures, DeepTech Labs, and previous investors including a handful of angels and KTH Holding.


TeraSi is a deeptech startup based in Stockholm that offers unique components and packaging for high-frequency wireless applications. TeraSi was founded in 2020 and its technology is based on academic research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and several years of internal research and development. The company designs and manufactures all components from its headquarters in Stockholm and is now embarking on a journey to scale up its technology and introduce it to the mass market. The investment will be used to launch new products, strengthen the patent portfolio, and expand the team.


The next generation of wireless technology will take us to higher frequencies than ever before, providing enormous data speeds, outstanding spatial resolution, and bringing a host of new applications to life. For the first time, we will utilize frequencies as high as 200 GHz - almost ten times higher than mm-wave systems. As with all generationalshifts, this change is only possible with new technologies that surpass today's limitations. Decades of academic research have given us chips that can operate at such high frequencies. But we still lack a way to package these chips and build complete systems around them in an efficient, scalable way, and that's where TeraSi with its technology comes in.


"TeraSi has a fantastic team and a truly unique technology platform that is on its way to becoming a key technology for the upcoming 6G communication network. In TeraSi, we see both a very large business potential and the potential to create new and improved services that have societal impact, so we are very excited about this investment and we look forward to supporting TeraSi on their journey to realize that potential." Says Gustav Notander, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.


"Before we can realize society's visions of the next generation of wireless technology, we need to build hardware to support them. We believe that our technology offers the best combination of performance, compactness, and scalability in volume and that it solves the bottleneck for packaging and integration above 60 GHz. We are excited to start scaling up our technology and show its true potential in the coming years." Says James Campion,CEO, TeraSi


For further information, please contact Gustav Notander, Investment Manager Almi Invest, phone 070-455 98 99, email gustav.notander@almiinvest.se


James Campion CEO TeraSi email info@terasi.io