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Maria Kessling

Head of Marketing & Communications

Maria is Marketing and Communications Manager at the Almi Invest Group with overall responsibility for internal and external communications.


Maria has worked in the venture capital industry since 2006. She previously worked in the world’s first startup, which conducted intellectual capital ratings. She has also worked with commercialization of research at universities, and has developed innovation systems/incubators.

“Learn from everyone, follow no one”

Maria previously worked as an Investment Manager with investments in startups and with board activity. She has an MSc in business administration and attended Berghs School of Communication.

7 quick facts


Personal expression, creativity, beauty, smart ideas



Billions, art, architecture, fashion, design



Bionic high tech training and tennis 



When I step outside of my comfort zone and learn from others’ perspectives 


Thinks about

The limits of human potential, whether eternal life is possible in some form, and if that is worth pursuing? 



Individuality, breaking norms and entrepreneurial pioneers



Had a workshop during an earthquake 

Maria Kessling

Head of Marketing & Communications

076-880 88 10

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Marketing & Communications