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Mia de Bésche

Investment Manager

Mia works as an investment manager and is responsible for the entire investment process, which involves finding, investing in and developing companies with growth potential as well as implementing an exit strategy from the holding.


Mia began her career in ABB's trainee program, where she remained for several years. Since then, she has worked as a management consultant focusing on helping companies with growth issues. She has also started and built a SaaS company which she later sold to an American company. Mia holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from KTH and also a BA in business administration.

Six quick facts

The books about Jack for the kids every night and Educated by Tara Westover.

Thinks about
How we can ensure that future generations will have a fine Earth to live on

To develop – both myself and helping others

Lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Stockholm and Västerås

Listens to
Wise people

Netflix and lots of the children’s show Bolibompa

Mia de Bésche

Investment Manager

070- 8272403

Fund: Stockholm