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Mikael Boman

Investment Manager

Mikael works as an investment manager with a focus on tech companies and is responsible for the entire investment process, which involves finding, investing in and developing companies with growth potential as well as implementing an exit strategy from the holding.


Before joining Almi Invest, Mikael has founded and ben part of running a number of companies and worked with process- and organizational development in both startups and global organizations. He is also working as a trainer, coach and workshop leader with a focus on agile ways of working and leadership. He has a Master of Science in Information Technology from Uppsala University. 

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Six quick facts

Finding smart solutions – both for the small everyday problems to the big challenges. 


Thinks about

How much better off organizations would be if they learned more about how to care for their most important asset – the people. 

News, nonfiction and Stephen King



How to bake more different sorts of bread and how to fly small airplanes



The mountains, both in summer and winter, playing sports like padel/gold and floorball, and red wine. 


Black belt in jujitsu



Mikael Boman

Investment Manager

072 145 15 71

Fund: Stockholm