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Pär Carlshamre

Investment Manager

Pär works as an investment manager and is responsible for the entire investment process, which involves finding, investing in and developing companies with growth potential as well as exiting from the holding.


He has many years of experience with investments, primarily in the tech sector. He previously worked at Ericsson Research, Telelogic and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). Pär has an MSc and a PhD in computer science.

Six quick facts


Technology and music



Omni, Breakit and 9GAG.


Thinks about

Why and how. All the time.


Latest feat

Built my own IoT system for my old boat.



Riding a motorcycle



Made a hole-in-one when no one was watching.

Pär Carlshamre

Investment Manager

070-479 00 88

Fund: Eastern Mid Sweden