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Stina Wallmark

Investment Manager

Stina works as an investment manager with a focus on Life Science and is responsible for the entire investment process, which involves finding, investing in and developing companies with growth potential as well as implementing an exit strategy from the holding.


Before joining Almi Invest, Stina spent 15 years in the global Life Sciences and Healthcare industry focusing on business development in internal start-up ventures ranging from new market creation in the Middle East to commercialization of Digital solutions in BioPharma. She is an appreciated workshop facilitator, conference speaker and coach. 


She has a Master of Science in molecular biotechnology, a degree from the School of Entrepreneurship at Uppsala University and a Certificate of Leadership from Brenau University in GA, USA. 

You miss a 100% of the shots you don´t take.

Six quick facts

Innovation and people 


Thinks about

How to make the most of life and to help our children do the same – for this generation and the ones to come

All the time, ranging from inspiring entrepreneurial stories to fiction



Indoor climbing and water-color painting



Hanging out with family and friends, traveling, gardening, and learning new things


A fantastic family with 3 great children and an amazing husband

Stina Wallmark

Investment Manager

+46 (0)70 204 72 65

Fund: Stockholm