Marketing, Sales and Service Foundations with Hubspot


Ons 21 aug. kl. 15.00 t.o.m. Fre 23 aug. kl. 15.45

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onsdag 21 augusti 2024

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Marketing, Sales and Service Foundations with Hubspot

August 21st | Inbound Marketing Fundamentals & SEO
Understand the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing, the connection between the buyer's journey and buyer persona
Learn how Search Engine Optimisation works and how to implement for your business. 

August 22nd | Mapping your sales process & how to close deals
Learn how to design (or improve) your sales process and create a sales pipeline in a CRM system
Understand the GPCT Framework and how you can leverage it to close deals faster

August 23rd | How to drive customer success through effective onboarding & support
Understand the different types of onboarding packages you can design for your customers 
How to make the transition from sales to customer onboarding seamless for the customer and focus on customer outcomes.

Subsribe to all three sessions. 45 min each, starting at 15.00.