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”Almi Invest var, tillsammans med övriga investerare, helt avgörande för vår överlevnad. Tack vare dem fick vi det underlag vi behövde för att kunna gå vidare.”


Johan Thiel, vd MIPS 

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Tobii – our best exit to date

The fact that Almi invested in Tobii at an early and challenging stage was the key to our success.


John Elvesjö, Founder Tobii


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Google attracted by Lime’s crystal clear sound

"We always had a great commitment and support from Almi Invest, which was very valuable, especially in the company's early phase."


Fredric Lindström, founder  Limes


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Swedish cutting-edge technology conquers the world

"Almi Invest’s confidence in us enabled us to attract essential early investment. Without them we wouldn’t be here today!"


Emil Eifrem


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3D company that became part of Microsoft

Almi Invest has given us stability, which has enabled us to be confident about continuing to invest and grow, even during more challenging times.


Ulrik Lindahl, founder Simplygon 

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Map company Idevio sold to Qlik

Almi Invest has been able to give us sound advice over the course of our development. It’s a real help having a discussion partner to identify new angles and approaches to the problems faced by all start-ups.


Patric Nordström, CEO Idevio


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