Business development with a focus on future enterprises

Action plans, goals, and visions are all well and good, but is only when you start taking specific measures that you will see the benefits. We will challenge you and ask the tough questions to drive you and your company towards your objectives.

This is how Almi can help you take the next step

A company that grows and evolves is a company that thrives. Whether you are a startup or a well-established business, you need to evolve. Almi will help you to go from words to deeds by identifying your company’s specific opportunities and challenges.

Evolve or dissolve

A company that fails to evolve is doomed to stagnate. Actively developing your business will help you remain relevant into the future. Here are three compelling reasons:

Sustainability drives profitability

Demonstrating that you practice systematic sustainability management can give your company a competitive edge. It may be the reason customers choose to buy from you and not somebody else.

Know your customer

Almost 35 per cent of all new businesses are bankrupt within 3 years, but this can be avoided. The secret? Well, it is mainly a matter of understanding your customers’ needs and having a profitable business model.

Spend money on the right things

When you have a clear understanding of your business model, your goals and the needs your products or services meet, it is much easier to know where to allocate your financial resources.

Almi's forms of financing

You need capital to run and develop your business and sometimes you will need to source it externally. Almi offers various loans, invests venture capital and offers grants from our Verification Fund to companies in the early stages of developing important innovations. Together with you, we will find the best solution to your needs.

Business financing that helps companies grow and develop
Venture capital
When you want to bring in new equity capital
Verification Fund
For developing innovative ideas that entail greater risk