Sustainability drives profitability

Sustainability is crucial to all businesses that want to remain relevant and endure into the future. With Almi by your side, you can focus on the next step in your company's sustainable development.

This is what our customers think about our sustainability services

  • 80 per cent
    feel that they have gained new and valuable knowledge.
  • 70 per cent
    have applied their new knowledge.
  • 46 per cent
    believe that our advice has improved conditions for increasing turnover and/or growth.

Almi's forms of financing

You need capital to run and develop your business and sometimes you will need to source it externally. Almi offers various loans, invests venture capital and offers grants from our Verification Fund to companies in the early stages of developing important innovations. Together with you, we will find the best solution to your needs.

Business financing that helps companies grow and develop
Venture capital
When you want to bring in new equity capital
Verification Fund
For developing innovative ideas that entail greater risk