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Investment in the form of venture capital can provide your company with the opportunity for rapid growth and development, not only through the immediate injection of capital but also through the experience and network that the investor brings with them.

As a state-owned, industry-independent venture capital company that invests nationwide in Sweden, our role is to act as a bridge to private capital. We always take a minority shareholding and are active owners, either by appointing a director or adjunct member to the board, so that we can create the best possible value for your company.

If you are seeking capital and want to interest us in investing in your startup, a compelling pitch is critical. It will help use to recognise the potential of your business idea and determine whether Almi is the right investor for you. We will also be able to quickly assess whether venture capital is the best type of funding for your company.

Our investment criteria:

  • New, unique, and innovative Swedish startups capable of establishing a position in the global market.
  • Teams with a good mix of skills, behavioural styles and experiences.
  • Scalable business models with unique or niche technologies.
  • Addressing new market opportunities with solutions to real, significant customer problems.
  • Our GreenTech Fund specifically invests in environmentally friendly, innovative companies seeking to reduce CO2 emissions.

On average, Almi Invest invests in only about 7 per cent of all companies we evaluate each year. Does your company stand out as offering a solution that is around 10 times better than those already on the market? Does it have very strong growth potential? In that case, venture capital from an active shareholder may be suitable for your company.

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