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  1. 29 May 2023

    Almi Invest GreenTech invests in Zparq

    Zparq has developed and patented a marine pod motor that is the world's most compact electric marine propulsion motor. Electric propulsion results in lower operating costs while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Electrification of the transportation sector is accelerating and now exte...
  2. 23 May 2023

    Almi Invest invests in Health tech company UTIlizer.

    Almi Invest invests 3 MSEK in the HealthTech company UTIlizer. The investment is made through a new share issue and will be used, among other things, to establish a commercial production process. The investment is made together with a number of business angels and Propel Capital (STING) through a ne...
  3. 24 April 2023

    Almi Invest follows-on investment in Stepler.

    Almi Invest is investing an additional 2.3 million SEK in the fast-growing company Stepler, which offers free training motivation through gamification. Physical activity is rewarded with points that can be exchanged for attractive rewards. Stepler has raised about 15 million SEK in equity and bank l...
  4. 19 April 2023

    Norgald winner of Almi Pitch 2023

    The company Norgald is developing technology that identifies vulnerabilities in IT and OT components. The technology reduces risk and suggests a solution. In tough competition, they won the prize of 100,000 SEK during this year's Almi Pitch. Almi Pitch is organized by Almi Mitt and Almi Invest durin...
  5. 23 March 2023

    Almi Invest invests in the AI company Scaleout Systems.

    Almi Invest investerar 3,5 miljoner kronor i Uppsalabolaget Scaleout Systems, vars avancerade mjukvara gör det möjligt att använda AI utan att känslig data delas eller visas för obehöriga.  I emissionen på totalt sju miljoner kronor deltar även privata i...