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  1. 22 February 2021

    98 percent would recommend Almi Invest

    In a new survey of Almi Invest's portfolio companies, 98 percent of respondents said they would recommend Almi Invest to other companies in search of investors.
  2. 9 February 2021

    Highest investment level on record for Almi Invest

    Almi Invest increased its level of investment in 2020 by investing 316 million Swedish kronor (SEK) in a total of 175 companies, of which 45 constituted first-time investments. The sales of 28 companies, in full or in part, resulted in proceeds to the value of 204 million kronor. A successful listin...
  3. 10 December 2020

    Joachim Karlsson named CEO of Almi Invest

    Joachim Karlsson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer for the venture-capital company Almi Invest.
  4. 30 November 2020

    Successful listing of Renewcell

    Renewcell, which has developed a chemical process to recycle textiles, was successfully listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm.
  5. 29 April 2020

    Angel investors in Sweden have high confidence in Almi Invest

    Nine out of ten co-investors said in response to a survey that they have a high level of confidence in Almi Invest as a state-owned venture-capital company.
  6. 25 May 2018

    Almi Invest raises SEK 650 million for a GreenTech venture capital fund

    Almi Invest and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth have concluded an agreement regarding a national fund for investments in innovative small and medium enterprises. The GreenTech fund focuses on products and services that have a CO2-reducing effect. Investments will be made in areas...
  7. 5 March 2018

    30 percent of our tech investments go to women and mixed-gender teams

    In all, 30 percent of Almi Invest’s 30 tech investments in 2017 went to companies with mixed-gender teams or female founders. Overall, the percentage in Sweden is lower. Only about 18 percent of tech companies that received venture capital in 2017 had female founders or mixed-gender teams. These wer...
  8. 19 February 2018

    Record year for Almi Invest 2017

    Almi Invest broke its exit record in 2017 by selling holdings in 68 companies, thereby bringing in a total of SEK 266 million – an increase of almost 60 percent over the previous year. At the same time Almi Invest invested a total of SEK 181 million, including SEK 87 million in 51 completely new por...