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12 June 2023

Almi Invest invests in BioCell Analytica

Almi Invest invests SEK 2.5 million in the analytical technology company BioCell Analytica in Uppsala. The investment is made through an issuance and will be used, among other things, to expand their market presence in both Sweden and Europe, as well as for technological development.

In this issuance, BioCell Analytica raises over SEK 6.4 million. The largest investors are Almi Invest, approximately SEK 2.5 million, and Länsförsäkringar Uppsala. Additionally, SLU Holding AB, Uppsala University Invest AB, Saminvest, Beijer Foundations, and several private investors are participating. The capital will be used to increase the growth rate in both the Swedish and European markets, develop technology for an effect-based biosensor, and establish their own analysis laboratory.

BioCell Analytica was founded in 2019 by Johan Lundqvist and Agneta Oskarsson, both researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The company's business idea is to offer a new analytical technology for detecting health and environmentally hazardous chemical contaminants in, for example, drinking water. Current analysis methods only measure levels of a few selected chemical contaminants, despite there being hundreds of thousands of chemical substances in the environment that can pollute our drinking water. The company's analysis methods can detect both known and unknown substances, as well as the combined effects that can occur when we are exposed to multiple chemicals simultaneously. BioCell Analytica is now further developing this technology from being a laboratory analysis where customers need to send samples to the lab for analysis, to a biosensor that enables continuous monitoring and rapid detection of chemical contaminants directly in water treatment plants.

These innovative analysis methods contribute to ensuring that drinking water, our most essential food, is safe to drink. The risks of chemical contaminants in drinking water are increasing worldwide, especially in connection with climate change, as new water sources will need to be used for drinking water production, such as direct reuse of purified wastewater. But even existing water sources are at risk of contamination during extreme weather events and flooding.

The service offered is directly related to two of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: SDG6, where access to clean and safe water for all is a key factor (targets 6.1 and 6.3), and SDG3, where reducing population exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants is a key factor (target 3.9). The methods also contribute to the achievement of SDG14 (target 14.1, reducing pollution in the oceans), as they can also be used to ensure that water from, for example, wastewater treatment plants and landfills is sufficiently clean to be released into the environment.

"Protecting both people and the environment from harmful chemical contaminants is a global societal challenge. We are pleased with this new funding that enables us to spread our analysis methods in both Sweden and the rest of Europe, as well as to continue the development work on a biosensor to enable even faster detection of toxic contaminants in the future." Johan Lundqvist, CEO of BioCell Analytica.

"I believe that BioCell Analytica has great potential for rapid and strong growth in Sweden but also internationally. The company already has a profitable business model, which is likely to create significant value growth over time. Additionally, having a business idea aimed at creating a healthier world makes this an even more interesting investment." Pär Lagerström, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

For further information, please contact:

Pär Lagerström, Investment Manager at Almi Invest, phone +46 760426565, email par.lagerstrom@almiinvest.se

Johan Lundqvist, VD BioCell Analytica tel +46 (0)70-420 05 60 mail johan.lundqvist@biocellanalytica.se