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29 April 2020

Angel investors in Sweden have high confidence in Almi Invest

Mikael Karlsson, CEO Almi Invest

Nine out of ten co-investors said in response to a survey that they have a high level of confidence in Almi Invest as a state-owned venture-capital company. The results from a commissioned survey conducted by Origo Group placed Almi Invest at 4.4 on a five-point confidence scale. In total, 218 business angels and investment companies took part in the survey.

Its purpose was to ascertain how co-investors perceive Almi Invest's role and contribution to the process of investing, as well as their experience of Almi Invest as a partner. Nine out of ten responded that they felt a high level of confidence in both Almi Invest and its investment managers. Five out of ten said that Almi Invest plays a crucial role in their own business investments. 


- The survey was conducted shortly before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and we now consider our investor role as a complement to the market to be more significant than ever, said Mikael Karlsson, CEO of Almi Invest. The survey showed that the majority of angel investors feel that we complement the venture capital market through private capital co-investments.


The majority of survey respondents define themselves as angel investors or private investors. The most common investment sector is tech, followed by life sciences and industrials.


They cited Almi Invest's experience and knowledge among key factors in choosing Almi Invest as a co-investor, and also credited its longterm perspective, capital strength and competent investment managers.


- We appreciate the fruitful cooperation and trust we enjoy among angel investors and investment companies, said Karlsson.

As Sweden's most active start-up investor, we have a desire to step up during the crisis and have attained record-high investments during the first quarter of 2020.
Mikael Karlsson, CEO Almi Invest

Some 60 percent of survey participants held the view that Almi Invest sticks out in the private investment sector due to having a longterm rather than return focus, being courageous enough to go in as an early investors, and for making bigger-picture decisions. 


Origo Group conducted the online survey which was sent to 218 respondents who had made co-investments during 2018 and/or 2019 and thus had had the time needed to evaluate Almi Invest's role as both owner and investor in limited companies.