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Jonathan Lannö

Jonathan works as an investment analyst, which means that he is responsible for driving dealflow and producing analysis data for future investments.

Before joining Almi Invest, Jonathan worked in the startup community, where for the past eight years he has been involved in starting up and running the mobility company Bzzt, where he was most recently business development manager and deputy CEO. In addition to that, he has also been advisor to other early-stage companies.

Jonathan holds a Master of Science in Industrial Economics.

”Think big, test small, fail fast and learn rapidly”

Six quick facts



What driven people can create from nothing more than a big idea and tremendously hard work.



Everything from space to autobiographies or books about sleep.


Listens to

Masters of Scale, How I built this and The Digital Dragon. And a lot of Coldplay in between.



Football, tea, golf and barbecue chips






Participated in breaking the Swedish record in crowdfunding


Jonathan Lannö


0761-84 44 33

Fund: GreenTech