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About Almi Invest

About Almi Invest

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active startup investor. We are a venture capital company investing all over Sweden through eight regional venture capital companies, as well as one national GreenTech venture capital company. With 40 investment managers, we make about 50 new investments annually. Meet our fund team.


Our portfolio consists of almost 370 companies in various industries. See our entire portfolio here.


Almi Invest manages about SEK 3,5 billion and has invested in more than 700 startups since its inception. Our best holdings have been acquired by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Qlik and Apple, or they have floated IPOs at the SEK billion level on the stock market.


Our role as a sector independent public venture capital company is to serve as a bridge to private equity and contribute to a functioning venture capital market throughout Sweden. Over the years Almi Invest has co-invested with about 1000 business angels and institutional investors. 


Almi Invest is a subsidiary to Almi Företagspartner and is financed in part by the EU, Almi Företagspartner and regional organizations.


Our GreenTech Fund of SEK 650 million focuses on climate-smart investments that reduce CO2.  Almi Invest GreenTech is partially financed by the Swedish Energy Agency along with the EU, Almi Företagspartner and Almi Invest.


Our investment criteria

  • Unique, innovative Swedish startups (not older than 7 years) that can take a position on the global market

  • Teams with a good mix of skills, behavioral styles and experiences

  • Scalable business models with unique technologies or niches

  • Ability to address new market opportunities for real customer problems

  • GreenTech fund: climate-smart/CO2-reducing innovative companies

Examples of areas we invest in:



Enterprise and Consumer Software, Mediatech, Data & Security, eCommerce, Fintech, VR/AR, IoT, Gaming, HR Tech


Life Science

Medtech, Drug Development, eHealth



Renewable Energy, Energy, Recycling Systems



Industrial Equipment, Materials, Agritech, 3D-printing


How much can Almi Invest invest?

Almi Invest invests SEK 1-10 million per company.  


Our national GreenTech fund invests SEK 5-30 million in GreenTech companies that focus on reducing CO2. We are always minority owners.


What value does Almi Invest add to entrepreneurs?

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active startup investor and makes about 200 new and follow-up investments annually. This means we have many years of experience of investments in startups, understanding their challenges with different business models in different markets. Startups need experienced, professional investment managers who are engaged in your company’s successes and adversities. With Almi Invest as an investor you get an active owner that helps grow your company, often through board positions.


Our large investor network is also an advantage for follow-up investments in your company. Almi Invest has invested early on in companies that achieved success in the billions on the stock exchange, but also in companies that were subsequently sold to companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, or that received millions in follow-up investments.


Would you like to have Almi Invest as an investor? Read more about the steps for making a winning Pitch Deck and send it to us here


Investment Process - Here is how it works