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17 August 2023

Almi Invest invests 2.7 million SEK in the life science company Geras Solutions. The investment takes the form of a new issue and is made together with, among others, Life Science Invest Gamma and DHS Venture Partners.


Almi Invest invests 2.7 million SEK in Geras Solutions. The capital will be used to expand the sales team, increase the number of completed memory investigations, and further develop the technical platform.


Geras Solutions provides digital investigation and decision support for dementia investigation in suspected cognitive disease. The methodology has been developed in collaboration with both primary care centers and specialist clinics and has been clinically tested by Karolinska University Hospital.


With the help of a tablet, patients and relatives can administer parts of the investigation themselves. The results are automatically interpreted and presented in a separate interface for healthcare. Through referral or referral to Minnesmottagnignen.se, comprehensive cognitive investigation is also provided to relieve primary care centers throughout the country.


The digital tool includes cognitive screening tests that can be performed by the patient at the clinic or at home. The test is a further development of traditional paper-and-pencil tests (MoCA, MMSE, and clock test). Through a number of tasks, memory, visuospatial ability, executive functions, attention / working memory, language, and orientation are tested.


"After many, many years of waiting, there are finally effective drugs against dementia diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, which also means that the need to be able to make a correct and early diagnosis is increasing sharply. Geras Solutions has a very good platform for dementia investigations that can help dementia patients get the right care and support in time. We see that Geras Solutions has enormous potential to benefit this very large patient population and are proud to be able to support the company on its continued journey," says Gustav Notander, Investment Manager, Almi Invest.


"The commitment from Almi sends good signals to our customers in healthcare. There are many of us who need to contribute to modernizing diagnostics and investigation opportunities for dementia diseases. The investment also means a lot to us as a team and is a nice acknowledgment of the work we have done so far," says Rickard Forsman, CEO of Geras Solutions.


For further information contact

Gustav Notander, Investment Manager Almi Invest, tel 070-455 98 99, mail gustav.notander@almiinvest.se

Rickard Forsman CEO Geras Solutions mail: