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10 December 2020

Joachim Karlsson named CEO of Almi Invest

Joachim Karlsson, CEO Almi Invest

Joachim Karlsson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer for the venture-capital company Almi Invest. Joachim was most recently the Chief Strategy Officer for Bisnode. Prior to that he was a partner in the private-equity company KTH Chalmers Capital and the founder and former CEO of Focal Point AB.  

Joachim Karlsson has an extensive and solid leadership background as well as experience from key positions within the PE sector. His experience spans from successful entrepreneurship to his many years as a startup investor and, furthermore, being responsible for the merger processes in several international companies. 


Joachim will take the helm as CEO for Almi Invest starting 1 February 2021.

- Joachim Karlsson has broad experience from both company development and investment work, said Almi Invest Chairwoman Britta Burreau.

- He's a strong leader with the qualities required to further develop Almi Invest. He's an attentive visionary while also being goal orientated. We're happy to be able to welcome Joachim Karlsson. 

I've kept an eye on Almi Invest's magical journey from a newly founded venture-capital company to becoming the most active startup investor in Sweden, during which time the company has earned a very positive reputation among both entrepreneurs and investors.
Joachim Karlsson, CEO Almi Invest

- I'm looking forward to leading and developing the business with the goal of becoming the go-to investment company for young start-ups, he added, and to nurture even better conditions for entrepreneurs to build fantastic companies across the country.


In the spring of 2020, the Swedish government allocated 400 million kronor (SEK) to Almi Invest to invest in innovative start-ups, due to access to private capital decreasing in times of crisis. During the first eleven months of 2020, Almi Invest made 167 investments by both strengthening existing investments and making new ones. 


- That Almi Invest has taken on such a significant role during the pandemic, with investments worth almost 300 million kronor, has been of great satisfaction to me, Karlsson said.

- To meet the increased demand for capital during the pandemic, as well as supporting the venture-capital market longterm, Almi Invest will take on a very active role as an investor also during 2021.