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Emelie Agnvall

Investment Analyst (leave of absence)

Emelie works as an analyst, supporting the team with analyzes, monitoring external trends linked to climate impact and writing portfolio reports with a focus on carbon dioxide savings.

Climate change is a man-made problem - with a feminist solution.
Mary Robinson

Prior to joing Almi Invest, Emelie worked at Scania with market introductions at the department for corporate innovation. She has a master's degree in Industrial Economics from Linköping University and has previously worked for many years at a chocolate factory.

Five quick facts

Sustainable Development. 


Detective stories


Listens to

Hip hop for everyday, rock when I train and Backstreet Boys when I cook.


Thinkas about

Intestinal bacteria and the immune system.



Skiing of all kinds, the forest, waste separation and making flower bouquets.

Emelie Agnvall

Investment Analyst (leave of absence)

076 804 17 42

Fund: GreenTech