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Henrik Jansson

Fund Manager West

As Fund Manager, Henrik has overall responsibility for teams and investments in Almi Invest’s South fund. He also works with his own investments, which involves finding, investing in and developing innovative companies with growth potential as well as implementing an exit strategy from the holding.

No guts, no glory

Henrik has a solid knowledge of developing companies and has worked with more than 200 startups. Before joining Almi Invest he worked as CEO of the Incubator in Borås and business developer at Chalmers Innovation. Henrik is also a co-founder of SISP (Swedish Incubators and Science Parks).

Six quick facts

Fascinated by:

The pace of technological development over the past 50 years. Think 50 years ahead ... 



That time never ends - there will be more time, all the time! 



Nautical charts and everything that Harlan Coben writes.


Thinks about

Why society does not succifiently appreciate or understand our dependence on entrepreneurs' hard work and risk-taking.



Lots of energy



To talk less and listen more. 

Henrik Jansson

Fund Manager West

070-308 80 92

Leadership Group
Fund: West Sweden