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Sara Lorentzon

Investment Analyst

Sara works as an analyst, which means she supports the team with preparatory analyzes and screens potential investment objects.

Every day we have the chance to make our world a little better place to live on!

Before joing Almi Invest, Sara worked with business development in early drug development, mainly in the company Toleranzia, and with administration around investments at Chalmers Invest.


She has studied at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and holds a master's degree in biotechnology.

Five quick facts

Baking, wool and medical progress


New exciting ideas and well-prepared passionate entrepreneurs


Thinks about
Getting chickens in town or a sheep farm


Lived three years with a beautiful view of the world's then third largest shipyard


Something new every day

Sara Lorentzon

Investment Analyst

070-347 04 36

Fund: West Sweden