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19 April 2023

Norgald winner of Almi Pitch 2023

The company Norgald is developing technology that identifies vulnerabilities in IT and OT components. The technology reduces risk and suggests a solution. In tough competition, they won the prize of 100,000 SEK during this year's Almi Pitch.

Almi Pitch is organized by Almi Mitt and Almi Invest during the Åre Business Forum for the twelfth year in a row. It is a unique opportunity for companies in the early stages to get feedback from experienced investors and create important contacts. The companies also present their pitches live on the main stage on Thursday in a semi-final and a final. The audience ultimately decides which of the three finalists takes home the prize of 100,000 SEK.

This year's investor panel includes Joachim Karlsson, CEO of Almi Invest, Lars Ekström, Fund Manager at Almi Invest Fond Mitt, Susanna Campbell, Investor & Board Professional, Hans Victor, business angel, Kerstin Cooley, partner at Brightly Ventures, Finn Persson, partner and co-founder, Anna Ljungdahl, investment manager at Industrifonden.

"I actually didn't think it was possible to surpass last year's field. But I was wrong. All of this year's finalists had the level of idea, team, and pitch that investors are looking for. The wide range of business ideas also bodes well for the future." says Joachim Karlsson, CEO of Almi Invest.

Here is the complete list of nominated companies:

· Konvoj - Scheduling and optimization platform for healthcare personnel.

· Pumpa Med - Quality assurance for hip surgeries.

· Chemity AB - IT support to comply with complex sustainability legislation.

· Tini - Business model for sustainable clothing.

· eContinence - Research-based treatment of urinary incontinence.

· Enduce - Industrial flat heat exchangers for energy recovery from shower water.

· Norgald - Protection for critical infrastructure.

· Nordic Renew Resource-Process for extracting heavy metals from sludge.

· Helios Innovations - Purifies industrial process water.

· Sightic Analytics - Image analysis that detects alcohol and drug impairment.