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Natasa Pahlm

Fund Manager

Before joining Almi Invest, Natasa worked at the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, with the internationalization of the Swedish innovation system. She is also a partner of PÄAB, which invests in innovative startup companies, and has previously worked in industry in various leading roles. Natasa has a degree in Computer Engineering.


As Fund Manager, Natasa has overall responsibility for teams and investments in Almi Invest’s Eastern Mid Sweden fund. She also works with her own investments, which involves finding, investing in and developing innovative companies with growth potential as well as implementing an exit strategy from the holding.

The biggest risk of all is not taking one.
Mellody Hobson

Five quick facts


Experiencing new places and cultures as well as plant-based and organic food.


Listens to

Podcasts about the creative process.



Being outdoors moving. To question norms and what is possible.



Mainly about things I fear. Right now I’m learning how to sail.


Greatest achievement

Mother of two wonderful boys.

Natasa Pahlm

Fund Manager

070-522 0971

Leadership Group
Fund: Eastern Mid Sweden