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Investing for net zero

We are pioneers in climate tech venture capital, putting money where it makes the biggest impact.

Almi Invest GreenTech Fund backs Swedish early-stage startups that significantly reduce green house gas emissions. We have 65 million euros under management.

  • Agri & Land-use

    Healthy and affordable food to feed a growing population while preserving biodiversity and soil quality.

  • Behavior & Education

    Conscious choices made by everyone through knowledge, nudging and transparency.

  • Circular Economy & Materials

    Circular business models, sustainable new materials, reuse and recycling for humanity to live within the planetary boundaries.

  • Climate & Forests

    Tracking, monitoring and analytics of natural resources and emissions, keeping climate change to a minimum.

  • Energy Transition

    Sustainable and reliable energy systems, all day, all year round.

  • Industry & Buildings

    Energy efficiency, zero emissions production and no waste.

  • Transport & Mobility

    Zero emissions global and local transport solutions of both people and goods.

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